Yu NanCheng was born in 1956, Changzhou Jiangsu Province and now lives in Shanghai. He is also known as “Fish” which is the homonym of his family name “Yu” in Mandarin.


Yu NanCheng started his Chinese painting training at the age of 14, studying under the late Chinese painting master, Dai YuanJun from Jiangsu Province. He was admitted in Changzhou Arts and Crafts Institution at the age of 18 and started his professional art training there. Yu NanCheng had his solo exhibition at age 23 due to his diligence, curiousness and talent. Two years later, he was appointed to the dean of Oil Painting Department.


After all these years of traditional and western art training, he persisted in innovating and improving his personal art style. The subjective awareness of his heritage as a Chinese leads him to create art on Chinese culture. In 2008, he established his “China Red” series, including the most well-known “Tai Chi”.

Yu NanCheng’s artworks are decorative forms of dynamics, which is not the only interpretation. He mixes oil painting technique with Chinese culture and then transforms his observations into the original “China Red” paintings. With the diversity of the art world, his creation is a magnificent form of Chinese Xieyi paintings with west mediums, bringing us brand-new sensation.

With the original and revolutionary technique, his oil paintings have contemporary significance themselves while the idea that the innovation of paintings is ending has been frequently mentioned. He is good at using planet knife and rich colors to capture the motions. The thickness and texture of oil merge into energy, which is visually striking and interesting.


The symmetrical composition with high contrast of strong colors in his masterpieces “Tai Chi” is simply the statement of uniqueness and originality. The energy of the scene with Tai Chi players’ single motion is balanced, the result of rational foundation. Meanwhile the 3-D perspective breaks the limits of plane canvas. This traditional Chinese Xieyi spirit to lead, a mysterious world with Chinese appeals and Oriental touch would set you free from the hustle and bustle of the modern life. By mixing ancient cultures and contemporary painting technique, Yu NanCheng communicates with the world in his own art language which is also his gesture to culture and civilization that have nurtured us with fruitful and implicit artistic achievements.